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Birth of Arthur is a three-piece experimental rock band that built its roots in Los Angeles, CA. Charles Cain V builds an intricate rhythm section that gets the blood pumping. Sometimes technical, but always keeping an ambiance and beat that sets a beautiful tone, Charles weaves influences he gleaned growing up in the San Francisco and Los Angeles metal, indie and punk scenes. He’s aided expertly by bombastic base grooves that you can’t help but bob-along to. Those grooves are provided by Bass Player Nathaniel Britton hailing from the Denver Colorado indie scene. Rounding out the sound, is Paris Nadir with an eclectic array of extreme emotion in his guitar playing. Even more so, is his vocal range that glides effortlessly between serenading, crooning, belting and screaming to get the fervent point across in their songs. With a breadth of varying influences, every new song seems to push more boundaries and blur more genres of traditional rock than anything being played in present LA venues. Birth of Arthur have been working diligently for the past year, while also playing local venues, on their debut album.

“Intro to Love,” the band’s first album, will be available June 15, 2019 to stream on all platforms. The album takes you through an inner turmoil all listeners will be able to relate to: about the relationships we form with people (both platonic and romantic,) and how they can take us from the highest highs, to the lowest lows. Our lessons in love have a new soundtrack, one that definitely does not disappoint.